How to Fix a Sink Drain Leak

Taking proper maintenance on household is a pain in the neck at times. Usually associated with plumbing problems, wall marking, oil stains, molds & mildew, odors, and a whole bunch of labor-intensive repairs & works, people tend to call for immediate help once any of these are encountered. Not even trying to troubleshoot it themselves, they end up wasting a good amount of money especially when the problem is very minimal and can actually be fixed using basic knowledge.

Probably one of the most usual issues that one may experience is a sink drain leak. And here, we give you some easy tips on how to fix a leaking sink drain without hassle.

Step 1 – Assess where the leak is coming from

You’d want to put a bucket first to catch out the leaking water. Check first if the sink is clogged. Sometimes, this causes a sink leak. If not, then inspect where the leak is coming from by turning on the water flow. You can use a tissue to touch the basket strainer, and if it gets wet, then the basket strainer is the problem. Also, check if it’s coming from the drain line or the seal around the sink.

Step 2 – Ensuring tight connections of the pipes and seals

After knowing where the leak is coming from, have a quick check if the connections are tightly assembled as there may be chances of loose plumbing installations. Thus, tightening can sometimes fix the leak. Also, look for cracks that can be a potential future problem and replace them immediately.

Step 3 – Look at the component parts of the drain

If the problem is slip joint leak, you have to disassemble the joint and coat the washer with Teflon join compound, and then put it back together. As for a leak that comes from the basket strainer, disconnect it first and then remove the strainer.

Step 4 – Use sealant or plumber’s putty

If it happens that any part of the tube has a hole in it, you can use the sealant or plumbers putty. For the basket strainer, reassemble them and put a sealant or plumber’s putty to hold it there.
Fixing your household mess can be an arduous task for you, however, with a working knowledge on basic troubleshooting, this becomes easy. And what more, you can save more bucks as you try to assess and fix the problem.